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Public Speaking by Joe Robert Thornton

Joe Robert Thornton

From humble beginnings to a self-made business executive, Joe continues to set standards of excellence in the retail industry, while becoming an author, executive coach and launching a consulting business. With his success, Joe has evolved into a highly sought after business and inspirational speaker.

As a dynamic business speaker with many years of hands-on proven business experience, Joe shares the principles that continue to bring him success in the business world and does it through masterful storytelling. Joe's inspirational approach will resonate at all levels of an organization.

Joe's success story of sacrifice, hard work, and perseverance as well as the unique and charismatic way he communicates it, will inspire any audience.

Make the most of your next event with Joe Robert Thornton.

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The Power of Or

The Power Of Or is about making choices, decisions and priorities that help you improve your business and your personal life. In our daily lives, we do not always have the option of doing everything. We are constantly making tradeoffs.

The Power of Or is about doing more of what is most important- precision over volume, to achieve the desired results. That also means being very clear about what you are no longer going to do.

All proceeds from my book sales will go to support Project Prosperity.


Project Prosperity

Project Prosperity was created to help the many Americans who are prevented from realizing true prosperity (financial independence) due to a number of reasons- no/low income, living in disadvantaged neighborhoods and/or due to predatory lending practices that affect their income and ultimately their credit score. This includes pawn shop fees, rent-to-own fees, payday loan fees, check cashing fees, checking account fees and overall significantly higher interest rates.

Project Prosperity is about providing education and resources to help Americans avoid the pitfalls that negatively impact their income and their credit score.

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